Why Should You Choose A Yacht Rental Over A Hotel Vacay?
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Why Should You Choose A Yacht Rental Over A Hotel Vacay?

Why Should You Choose A Yacht Rental Over A Hotel Vacay?

Picture this – you wake up to a picturesque scene of being surrounded by sparkling blue water and finding out that you have a lovely secluded island cove scheduled for the day. Doesn’t the thought of spending time relax on a luxury yacht sound like music to your ears? In fact, with the current outbreak of the virus, staying on a yacht is a much safer alternative to booking a hotel. Yachts are easier to sanitize and you are assured of not being in contact with members of the public. Let’s discuss a few other pointers to justify why a luxurious private yacht charter trip is ideal and a more relaxed option as opposed to a luxury hotel in Dubai.

Sightsee from The Ocean

The best part about being on a yacht is you are not confined to one location. You get to sail around and visit other cities in the region. You have the option of visiting beaches that are only accessible through yachts, relax by the deck and sip on sundowners, explore hidden gems, and do a lot more! Yes, you can do all this at the hotel too, but the experience offered through the yacht is unlike any other. The best part about all this is, you don’t have to carry luggage around or spend extra on commuting by public transport. With the new rule of the number of passengers not exceeding five, you can avoid being in contact with the public.

Alone Time

It is undoubtedly an incredible feeling to leave the fast-paced city life behind and live in a private world for a while. This is especially crucial now when everyone is self-isolating and looking for safe alternatives to stay sane. By chartering a yacht, you can either spend quality time with family or by yourself, unlike a hotel staycation, where you are pretty much connected with the city and people. Through this, you can have your own time away from everyone, silently enjoying the exotic ocean life and tranquil locations, all in the lap of luxury.

Freedom To Travel

When you opt to rent a yacht you can plan your schedule, and include various places that you can only possibly explore through a yacht. The captain and crew will ensure you have a memorable and relaxed sojourn. Besides, if you have a specific place in mind that you would like to visit, you can always discuss it with the captain, so they can plan accordingly. After all, the ultimate aim is to keep the guests happy and comfortable.

Enjoy Your Yacht Adventure

Scrumptious Meal by A Personal Chef

A major perk associated with choosing a yacht rental over a hotel is that you can have your meal customized to your preference. Well, what could be better than relishing on some delectable food with captivating views and being catered to and treated like royalty?

Enjoy the Adventure

Those who seek fun and adventure together should certainly consider a yacht charter instead. With an endless choice of amenities, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. Whether it is a swimming pool, surfing around in a jet-ski, or wanting to grab your swimming gears and taking a dip in the ocean, all of it is possible when on board. You get to enjoy this joyous and phenomenal experience without having to share it with other hotel guests. Now isn’t that a lovely feeling?

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