Tips to remove stress from life by Yachting 03.10.2018

Numerous studies have shown that a little bit of fun cruising every once in a while, can go a long way for a person’s mental and physiological well-being. Not only this, but according to the survey of National Marine Manufacturers Association over 1,000 households listed cruising in the top three of all stress-relieving activities.

How to arrange an engagement party at sea 03.10.2018

If you are a nature lover and want to throw a luxurious party, you could always host your engagement party at sea. This is also a good option if you have a large guest list, or you’re looking for a reason to show off. An engagement party is easy to get everyone chatting and mingling at a relaxed environment.

Yacht Charter Vacations 03.10.2018

The blend of accomplishment and freedom that you get on a chartered yacht is a powerful and addictive force. That's why people, who charter a yacht once, tend to do it again and don't want to settle for a hotel room when they can have the entire sea as their vacation home.

Enjoy a luxury yacht charter vacation 03.10.2018

Just imagine how it feels when you are on a yacht at sea and a cool breeze is rustling through your hair. You are hearing the sound of birds, the crash of waves on the seashore. It sounds amazing right. This is the reason people rent yachts and decide to explore the ocean.

Benefits of getting married on a yacht 03.10.2018

A destination wedding is one of the hot topics amongst the couple who are about to get married. The best and unique idea is getting married on a yacht in the middle of the sea with the most fascinating view. This article will put into light the advantages of the wedding on a Yacht and how to select the best yacht for your auspicious occasion.

Cruise in the lap of luxury 28.08.2018

The rich and the affluent have always chartered luxury yachts to travel in style but this trend is now becoming common with the average tourist who can get a slice of heaven and embark on an epic journey by chartering a luxury yacht.

Why night time is amazing for yachting 28.08.2018

There’s nothing quite more poetic and picturesque like a star-studded sky. It has caught the whims of poets and painters and its beauty has mesmerized many. And if you were star gazing from a yacht, the experience would definitely leave you spellbound.

Summer is the perfect time to charter a yacht 28.08.2018

Summers are that time of the year when everyone want to escape the clutches of monotony and the mundaneness of their routine life and vacation at exotic places around the world. Well, there’s no better destination than Dubai. And there’s no better way to explore the city than from a yacht.