Essential Yacht Survival Guidelines 25.04.2018

The experience of taking a yacht across the vast ocean coast is euphoric. However, precautions need to be taken to avoid any accidents at sea. Seven Yachts offers a guide on the survival essentials during the trip.

La Mer – Dubai’s New Yacht Destination 25.04.2018

Dubai comprises range of natural to luxurious attractions like the Burj Khalifa and La Mer. La Mer has encompassed the entire community into its unique design, exciting water activities and beach scenic view. We give you a full breakdown on this yacht destination.

Arrange Your Dream Wedding on a Luxury Yacht 25.04.2018

Weddings are the most memorable celebrations of any person’s life. The venue is one of the most significant aspects of planning a wedding. Seven Yachts gives you the reasons why you should arrange your dream wedding on a yacht making it different from traditional venues.

A Beginner’s Guide on a Yacht Charter 25.04.2018

Yachts are becoming an increasingly popular mode of entertainment and relaxation on the sea. However, the process of a yacht charter can be a little tricky and needs some considerations especially for beginners.

Reasons to Host Corporate Events on Yacht 25.04.2018

Corporate Events are usually held in hotels or an outdoor setting but a on a yacht is a different experience. Seven Yachts showcases the reasons behind the rising popularity of hosting corporate events on luxurious yachts. This is usually due to company image, entertainment and a stunning scenic view.

9 Essential Health Benefits of Yacht Sailing 19.03.2018

The main idea of a yacht is to relax and enjoy, however, this is not all. Seven yachts bring 9 major health benefits to your body while you are on the yacht cruise. This includes increase stamina, cardio fitness, mental health and much more.

Guidelines for a BBQ on a Yacht 19.03.2018

Many individuals, who book for a yacht, seek for a different approach onboard. One of the popular activities is a Barbeque (BBQ) Plan while sailing on a luxury yacht. We offer specialist advice on the main components for a BBQ on the yacht such as charcoal grill, propane, and various safety tips.

Top 9 Tips for Preventing Sea Sickness in Yacht 19.03.2018

Many individuals end up backing out due to severe sea sickness when they booked for a yacht trip. Seven Yachts gives you an insight on the Do’s and Don’ts when travelling on yacht to prevent any sea illness. This consists of avoiding caffeine, oily food, alcohol and much more.