Best Theme Ideas For Your Next Yacht Party

Best Theme Ideas For Your Next Yacht Party

Best Theme Ideas For Your Next Yacht Party

Easy availability of luxury yacht Dubai Marina through various yacht charter companies attracts many tourists every year into the country. The city has grown out to be a major tourist destination with its amazing shopping sites, global restaurants, dine-ins, and other historic attractions. However, a yacht charter is one of the main activity anyone will want to try at least once in the city. Yacht rental is available in varied packages with different facilities according to the customer’s needs. It serves as the best party place. To make the yacht party a blast, you should have a perfect theme. Here are some thrilling theme party ideas to use on your next yacht charter.

From Hollywood

This theme can interest every cinema-lover, as getting to live the celebrity life is almost everyone’s dream. You can get the yacht all set for the Hollywood arrival with red carpet, gold stars and other background decorations, creating a perfect ambience of an award show on deck. The guests should choose their favourite movie celebrity and dress up like them. You can also add a little realistic touch with simple mini awards to gift your friends at the end of the party.


Although you will charter the boat in Dubai, you can convert the party into the set-up of any country you like. The yacht can be decorated using the colours representing the specific country, such as the flag colours. You can dress up in the traditional attire of that country, which will enhance the feel of being in that country. Also, the yacht food menu can be customized to serve authentic cuisine from the region.

Casino Night

Make your yacht party glamorous and luxurious with a casino themed party. With some table games such as Russian Roulette and Black Jack, the guests can let loose as if they are at any popular casino in the world. The dress code for the party can be any old-school outfits or highly executive suits and gorgeous shimmering dresses.

Nautical Theme

This theme can give a much realistic feel, as you will be cruising in the sea. Decorate the yacht settings with anchors, lifebuoys and other items found in ships to get a genuine sense of being on a sailing vessel. The guests will have a great time in ideal nautical navy coloured attires with hats. The food can be personalized with seafood and exotic beverages to get the real feel of having the fishes you just picked from the sea.

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