• Build: Sunseeker
  • Length: 20m (64ft)
  • Capacity: 15
  • Overnight Guests: 6
  • Speed: 26 Knots
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Per Hour AED 1,700
Daily Price AED 17,000
  • Build: Sunseeker
  • Length: 28m (90ft)
  • Capacity: 25
  • Overnight Guests: 10
  • Speed: 24 Knots
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Per Hour AED 4,000
Daily Price AED 40,000
  • Build: Bennetti
  • Length: 50m (164ft)
  • Capacity: 70
  • Overnight Guests: 12
  • Speed: 12 Knots
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Per Hour AED 16,000
Daily Price AED 160,000
  • Build: Sunseeker
  • Length: 22m (75ft)
  • Capacity: 20
  • Overnight Guests: 8
  • Speed: 28 Knots
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Per Hour AED 3,000
Daily Price AED 30,000

Yacht Rental Services in Dubai

Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai by SevenYachts

Come have the experience of a lifetime through Seven Yachts (SY), the number one luxury yacht rental company in Dubai and the UAE. SY makes a guarantee for a quality experience that cannot be matched. There is a very strong reason we’re the number one charter brokerage; we’re experienced, we care and we have an amazing attention to detail. SY can prove all of these things the moment you make the decision to be a part of the most successful Dubai yacht charter in the UAE. Seven Yachts takes part in all aspects of the yachting industry, which is why we offer on the ground representation for both owners and charterers.

Just like our product, we aim to maintain an atmosphere of exclusivity throughout all aspects of our business. That's why we’re operating out of the most high-class resort in the UAE, the recently opened Bulgari Hotel and Residences. The hotel’s unprecedented quality is a perfect reflection, we treat our customers and staff to the highest quality service possible. We can offer you luxury yachts for rent from 64ft (20m) to 164ft (50m) with a permanent crew onboard.

Seven Yachts has searched worldwide to gather the highest skilled crew possible. Compiled of British, Australian and South African Skinner/Capitan, Bosun, Engineer, Chef, Deckhands, Stewardess/Stewards. They have over twenty years of yacht charter experience in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Each member has been carefully selected to join the team, ensuring that they’re of the highest level of skill and quality. The crew is the first and foremost available to ensure you have the best experience possible while abroad. They have been trained and qualified in making you their number one priority throughout the entire process.

Our Yachts

Yacht Round Trip from Dubai to Oman

Yacht Rental from Dubai to Oman

The UAE has plenty to offer and is renowned for its wealth and luxury. Right next door, however is Oman, a country that is an untapped goldmine of natural beauty and magnificent experiences. Seven Yachts understands this and are diving straight into offering you the opportunity to venture across the coastline of one of the most gorgeous countries within the entirety of the Middle East.

While for locations such as Nikki Beach and Burj Arab, there are yacht charter packages available for half a day to a day, Seven Yachts wants you to truly experience what it is to live a top-tier level of life and are delivering this yacht cruise to you for 3 days to 1 week. By selecting the 3 days minimum you can simply venture into Oman on a luxury yacht to spectate the wonderful natural life & invest time into the historical city of Muscat and learn about its heritage. Or, by choosing a full week, you’re given the opportunity of a lifetime to truly experience what it is to be apart of the high life while taking your friends or family on a holiday through one of the most magnificent places within the Middle East on a luxury mega-yacht.

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