Water Sports Together with Yacht Chartering

Jet Ski

When it comes to water sports, Jet Skis are a must on any charter. Originally produced by renowned Kawasaki, our next generation Seadoo’s will have you slicing through the warm blue waters, making your Yacht experience something you will never forget.

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Hourly Price AED 600
Sea Bob

Sea Bobs have fast become the number one request on all yacht charters. This latest water sports technology, available only with our Yacht rental bookings, allows you to speed along the surface or fully submerged with a diving mask to experience the ocean like never before.

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Hourly Price AED 1,000

Water donuts are easily one of the most exciting aquatic experiences you’ll ever have and we’re offering them to you! Charter any of our yachts and we can guarantee you a donut ride that you’ll never forget.

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Hourly Price AED 600

The Paddleboard allows you step away from the comfort of the yacht and experience the exotic oceanic wildlife first hand. Paddle Boarding is also a fantastic workout and a popular way to relax and explore the ocean with family and friends.

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Hourly Price AED 400
Banana Boat

If you are seeking an exhilarating water experience, banana boat rides are one the most popular Watersport to this day. The banana-shaped inflatable tow toy is available with all our yacht charters, and is pulled at your desired speed behind our tender to provide thrills for all ages and group sizes.

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Hourly Price AED 600

Nothing beats casting a rod over the edge of your private yacht, as you kick back and wait for a bite. Seven Yachts offers deep sea fishing trips as well as recreational fishing for corporate groups and yung families.

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All of our luxury yachts not only give you the experience of a lifetime on deck, but also allows you the opportunity to utilise the latest and most entertaining waters sports available. If you want to dive into the great blue ocean below you, we’re prepared to offer the finest in diving equipment, such as the sea-bob or snorkeling equipment.

Or if you want an intimate experience above water, take the paddle board across the calm waters and look down at the wonderful sea life below. However, if you’re ready to venture away from the soothing comfort of our yacht range, we’ve got the best options to satisfy your need for thrills. You’re able to hire out the latest in jet-skis, for maximum speed or if you want something that’ll pump your adrenaline, you can soar across the ocean in one of our doughnuts. All of these are at your disposal with any yacht you choose to charter.

Since the middle of the 20th century, water sports have taken the world by storm and have become widely popular across all demographics. Whether you’re looking for the latest thrill seeking experiences, a soothing ride across the ocean or something perfect for your family to enjoy together, there is an option for you. As new technology continues to advance throughout the water sport industry, we give even greater opportunities to our customers to be ahead of the crowd and partake in some of the newest experiences available.

Jump atop one of the most popular water sports available, the jet-ski. Often called the motorcycle of the boating world, the jet-ski is the optimal speed experience, giving any rider the opportunity to speed freely across the ocean. With an emphasis on fun and thrills, the jet-ski’s long history is a surefire guarantee for a good time. Enjoy the freedom of seeing almost entirely 360 degrees around you, with only the handlebars in front of you to block your view. You’ll be able to see full coverage of the ocean around you as you glide past the beautiful sights of Dubai.

Dive into the underwater world with the state of the art sea-bob. A water-jet powered diving tool that will give you a new level of agility through the water. Whether you want to glide across the ocean’s surface or dive into the world below, the sea-bob has it all for you.

If you’re looking for a calming experience that brings you closer to nature, then the paddleboard is for you. It’s simple to pick up and only requires a single oar to control; the paddleboard brings you closer to the ocean, as you slowly glide across the surface, leaving the marine life below completely unbothered. The paddleboard is perfect if you’re pursuing a harmonious experience.

Be sure to go through our list of water sports activities that you can experience when you rent one of our prized yachts to find more details about each one so you can discover the perfect ride, for you.