Why night time is amazing for yachting

Why night time is amazing for yachting

Why night time is amazing for yachting

Imagine, being curled up in your blanket and reveling in the infiniteness of the night sky in Dubai or appreciating the city’s majestic skyline from the water. If you thought the breath-taking beaches and the Burj looked exquisite in the day, the night scene is even more breathtakingly beautiful.

Dubai is a blend of a rich cultural heritage and modernism. Dubai, in all its glory, is resplendent at night, especially from a yacht. The bright night lights accentuate the amazing architecture. There is no better way to soak in their beauty than from the deck of your yacht.

Dubai Canals

An artificial canal complete with posh restaurants, cycle paths and a waterfall, the Dubai Canal is a beautiful sight. Now you can charter through the canal enveloped by magnificent skyscrapers on both sides and enjoy the city lights illuminating the night sky.

Moon Island

70 kms from the Dubai shoreline, The Moon Island gets its name because of its moon-like crescent shape. The island is Dubai’s hidden gem and is known for its peace and privacy. This island serves as a getaway from the mad rush of the city. The water gushing through your feet, your hand running through the sand and the wind blowing your hair is an indescribable feeling.

The Burj Al Arab and The Palm

A luxury hotel, standing on an artificial island near the Jumeirah Beach and connected to the mainland by a private beach. The Burj, is the only seven-star hotel in the world. An architectural and aesthetic marvel, its design resembles the sail of a ship. So, there’s no better way to admire it, than from a yacht.

The next stop is the picturesque Palm, a private island known for its opulence and its serenity and tranquility. And you don’t just get to admire it from a distance, you actually get to take a dip in its pool.

Blue Marlin

Themed on the Ibiza lifestyle, this beach club offers an unrivalled party experience. From swimming in the cool sea to indulging in the finest cuisines, from swaying to the music to dancing your heart out, the Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club is an unforgettable party experience.


On a trip to Dubai, you cannot possibly miss on the chance to visit Oman. And there’s no better way to do it, than on a yacht. Exceptional scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes admired from your sun deck make the experience surreal. The ocean waters are habitat to rare and colorful tropical fish which will make fishing a rewarding experience. Not to forget, a chance to go scuba diving and explore the underwater nirvana which is no less beautiful than the view above.

So, on this vacation, make your trip to Dubai unforgettable and explore this beautiful city on a yacht.

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