Enjoy Cruising Across Dubai With These Yacht Rentals
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Enjoy Cruising Across Dubai With These Yacht Rentals

Enjoy Cruising Across Dubai With These Yacht Rentals

Sailing across the serene waters and exploring Dubai has a different charm. Cruising has become increasingly popular in Dubai and is a predominant tourist activity. However, if you have researched most of the cruises in Dubai, there’s more. With the gradual popularity of cruising amongst locals and tourists, Dubai yacht charters have not left a stone unturned to heighten their cruising experience. Thus, if you are looking for a new cruising experience, here are some options you must try. Remember, cruising is all about a luxurious experience, and we aim to take your adventurous spirits a notch higher with our latest luxury collections.


Outlaw is a luxury cruise specially designed for family outings. If you plan to spend time with your near and dear ones and explore Dubai from a new lens, this yacht charter is solely for you. The cruise has an array of luxury cabins, accommodating up to six individuals and offering a perfect family getaway. With a highly technological infrastructure and all the luxury amenities, Outlaw leaves no room for complaining. Sunbathe on the deck or indulge in local delicacies to make your vacation memorable.

My Serenity

This overnight cruise ride can be a perfect weekend getaway. With some of the most impressive facilities, this cruise can accommodate eight guests. Thus, if you plan to arrange a short trip with your friends or host a party with your closest relatives, there is no better option than Serenity. With a stopover at Bulgari, the cruise lets you experience the nature and culture of various places. Enjoy a delectable platter of local cuisine, with ample drinks and fresh fruits to rejuvenate yourself. Trust us when we say this could be the most happening party of your life.


This gigantic luxury cruise is meant for hosting gala parties. Be it an engagement or a bachelorette, the Medusa makes room for 25 guests. Spend time with your friends in the lounge or plunge into the pool for fun activities. Medusa's VIP rooms will surely catch your eye if you are fond of luxury hotels with the best amenities. What’s more? Enjoy groovy music and dance to your heart’s content with the yacht’s top-notch music system.

Dolce Vita

Board Dolce Vita from Dubai Marina and sail across the country in this luxury yacht to make your trip memorable. This is one of the largest and most advanced cruises with cutting-edge technologies and amenities. Dolce Vita can be the best choice if you plan to host an elaborate party or business meeting. What’s more? Its trendy design and spectacular interiors are worth the try. Dine in one of the most elaborate halls and dig into lip-smacking delicacies to elevate your party.


If you are bored with the typical yachts in Dubai, the Sun Seeker cruise offers more. The yacht has five rooms with the best amenities to accommodate ten guests, letting you sail overnight and unveil the country's beauty. With ample open space, this yacht enables you to enjoy the interiors and the ocean's spectacular beauty at the same time. If you plan to take your family on an overnight journey, trying out this yacht is a must.

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