Top reasons why you must yacht charter this winter.
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Top reasons why you must yacht charter this winter.

Top reasons why you must yacht charter this winter.

With the holidays around the corner, Dubai can get pretty busy this time of year.  Escape with your very own private yacht charter.  Make sure to plan and make arrangements.  This is the perfect time to enjoy a voyage out on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

1. Take a much-needed break from work

It’s been a long, hectic year.  Now you need to relax.  So do it in style with the company of your family and close friends.  This is the perfect time to bond with your kids over winter break.  They’ll love you more for it.  Slip away with your spouse and have a romantic dinner under the stars, a perfect way to rekindle the fire.

2. Give yourself a health boost

With the winter chills, catching a cold is inevitable.   This is the ideal way to get a healthy dose of the sun.  And it’s just another excuse to go on holiday.  The sunshine has huge health benefits, such as vitamin D.  It’s not only good for your body, but it’s essential for protection against the sniffles.  Did you know that sunshine can reduce stress, put you in a better mood, and improve sleep patterns?  Who knows, they could also be the side effects of the trip!  Choose a yacht and make the most of your time to relax and recharge.  Don’t forget, you’ll get extra vitamin C from the luscious platter of fruit.  Enjoy healthy meals prepared by the chef from the fresh fish that you catch.  Experience all the delicious Arabian flavors!

3. Plan the BEST Christmas or New Year’s party

Become a trendsetter.  The women will love you more.  It’s the holidays, and the last thing you want is to slave in the kitchen.  You deserve a break too.  Make the most of this opportunity and book a yacht for the merry season.  Let the professional crew pamper you and your guests - better than any five-star hotel can!  The chef has you covered.  All you need to do is grab a drink, mingle with the guests, and enjoy the view.

4. Escape the winter chills

For those coming from the north, Dubai is the best place to defrost in winter.  Escape from the cold, harsh climate.  Instead of being housebound because of snow, taste the freedom of sailing the crystal clear sea under the warm sun. 

5. Rejuvenate

Experience the magic of Dubai.  Become young and adventurous again.  The welcoming waters of the Gulf are made for watersports.  A variety of water toys, activities, and sports await on the yacht.  Challenge yourself to new limits and try the jet ski, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and much more.  Swim with the fish and discover the world beneath the waves.  But if you’ve had enough excitement for one day, curl up with a book or lounge on deck with a fishing pole.

6. Beat the crowd

Everywhere you go, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, beach, or mall, there’s bound to be swarms of people.  After all, everyone wants to enjoy the holidays.  If you’re searching for some peace and quiet to relax and unwind in the sun, the only way to do it is through yacht charter.

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