Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht
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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht

Many people in Dubai love to visit the beaches and go on a fishing trip in a yacht. However, tourists are unaware of the techniques through which they can catch a fish. If you have chartered a boat to go offshore and deep fishing for snapper, blackfin tuna, or blue marlin, you must know the important aspects of fishing. Your private yacht rental will provide a professional crew to take you out into the Arabian Sea. If it is your first time on a fishing excursion, consider the following tips that can help you spend a great day. However, if you are some whose experienced and have embarked on several fishing expeditions, use these tricks to further enhance your skills.

Useful Tips to Boost Your Fishing Game

Make sure to take an expert with you

  1. Do not make a rookie mistake and leave the shipwrecks and reefs unchecked. Small fishes usually live amongst natural and artificial reefs or shipwrecks. Big fishes can also be found in plenty at such locations as come in search of food. Place your bait near the reef or wreck and be patient, you might just walk away with the biggest catch.
  2. If you wish to catch fast swimming fishes like tune, then you will need to equip yourself with fast-trolling lures.
  3. When you come across birds such as seagulls are flying around any specific area, place your bait there. There could a group of small fish or the large fish in search of prey.
  4. Fishes tend to swim together in groups. For example, tuna and dolphins can always be found next to each other. If you are hoping to catch a particular breed, make sure that you look at the movement of the other fishes.
  5. If you are hoping to catch a snapper or a grouper, then drop your anchor by any reef and place your bait there.
  6. If it is your first-time fishing then cast your bait around a buoy, so as to catch the attention of the fish.
  7. You can use large jigs as lures to throw the bait deep into the water if you want to catch large fish.
  8. If want to improve your chances of finding a big catch, then equip yourself with instruments such as nautical map, GPS, or fish finder. If your boat is rental, they usually come with all the necessary fishing equipment and navigation gear.
  9. If you get motion sickness on the boat or have never tried deep sea fishing, take some medication beforehand. The medication is not effective once the sickness starts so make sure to have it before the trip. If you still do feel a bit nauseous, then go up to the sundeck of your yacht and breath in some fresh air. You should avoid going below the deck to rest or sleep.
  10. Make sure to take an expert with you as inexperienced people should not go out alone. It is best to hire a fishing yacht with experienced crew.

A private fishing trip is far much better than tourist boat


When planning to have a great fishing on a yacht while visiting Dubai, boat rental can be the perfect option to make it happen. You can also search online and find the best captain to enjoy this relaxing sport. A private fishing trip is far much better than an over-worked, crowded tourist boat.

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