This Ramadan, Safely Break Your Fast on A Yacht
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This Ramadan, Safely Break Your Fast on A Yacht

This Ramadan, Safely Break Your Fast on A Yacht

The holy month of Ramadan is renowned for its spirituality and calmness. That being said, it is also popular for the variety of mouth-watering food and completely warm hospitality. It’s that time of the month where people across the globe celebrate with family and friends in varied ways. Albeit in Dubai, people are provided with an array of options to make the experience of iftar a truly distinguished affair. Through this blog, we tell you how you can safely break your fast with your loved ones onboard a luxury yacht. This one-of-a-kind experience will leave you with memories to be cherished forever.

Celebrate on A Yacht

Whether it is an intimate Iftar with your family or an exclusive corporate get together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, there is certainly no better approach than to charter a luxury yacht, as it will make everyone feel extremely special. You can either create your own scrumptious feast, or hire a private chef and allow them to prepare an extremely delectable meal for you.

Enjoy the Views

Enjoy the breathtaking and stunning views Dubai has to offer, as the glow of the setting sun hits against the tall skyscrapers. There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than the experience of breaking your fast with your loved ones by your side, digging into a delicious feast as you pass by awe-inspiring, iconic buildings of the city. Sharing a meal together brings more joy and meaning to this wonderful season.

Breathtaking and Stunning Dubai Views

Clean and Hygienic Environment

Post the announcement of yachts and boat rental companies to resume operation, the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained. In fact, yachts are much easier to clean and sanitize as opposed to other spaces and areas. From the cabins, to decks and crew areas, every part is disinfected thoroughly. In fact, the yachts are cleaned before and after a trip, so guests are assured of a clean and safe environment to break their fast and spend quality time with their family. This Ramadan, sail away with your family to a serene and memorable adventure.

Crew Follows Safety Protocols

Amidst the outbreak, many might be unsure of whether chartering a yacht in Dubai would be the right decision to make. Let us tell you that it by far is one of the safest areas to be in, where you and your loved ones can relax and be at ease. With the new rules of passengers not exceeding by five, assures you of complete privacy with your family and not having to be around with public. The captain and crew follow strict protocols and maintain all the hygienic rules and regulations that have been laid out. Moreover, the crew is now kept to a minimum, and avoid being in contact with passengers continuously.

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