There’s no such thing as boredom on a yacht!
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There’s no such thing as boredom on a yacht!

There’s no such thing as boredom on a yacht!

You’ve been waiting for the chance to experience life at sea.  The way to do it in style is with a luxury yacht charter.

Although this has been synonymous with indulgence and relaxation for some time now, it also offers a unique platform for you to engage in adrenaline-fuelled activities above and below the waves.

In Dubai, yacht charters cater to the needs of various personality types.  They host a variety of toys and tenders to suit everyone.  So whether you are looking to spend a vacation on the crystal blue waters or entertain the kids for a few hours, get your yacht charter and explore the breath-taking surroundings.

As technology continues to advance through the water sports industry, so does the thrill of being onboard a yacht.  There are several options that you can avail.  Which one strikes your fancy?  Have all the fun in the privacy of your own little paradise.


With the proper snorkeling equipment, gear up with an instructor and immerse yourself in magical underwater world.  You’ll be within finger-tip distance to the kaleidoscope of fish and other marine life.

Jet skis

Personal watercrafts like jet skis are great fun and very versatile. Get your adrenaline pumping on this high-speed water toy.  Onboard instructors can assist first-timers and show them how to operate this amazing machinery.

Scuba diving

If you are aiming at maintaining fitness, then dive into the depths of the Arabian Sea.  Explore brightly colored fish and rock formations beneath the sparkling calm waters.  This is your chance to experience another world under the sea, so don’t forget your underwater camera!

Towable inflatables

Almost all the guests enjoy these popular water toys.  In fact, children simply love the doughnut and banana boat rides.  They’re designed to be pulled along behind a tender at nail-biting speeds.  Have loads of fun on the waves with sea spray blowing in your face. 


This is a unique piece of equipment.  It’s powered by a fabulous jet stream which can be great for sailing on top of the waves or dive below to explore life beneath. 


And if you’re looking for some calm activity in the chaos, you can lounge in a chair and enjoy the thrill of deep sea fishing from a yacht.

After the day's adventure, you’ll be tired and hungry.  Head back to the comforts of your luxury yacht charter.  The attentive crew will be on hand to serve a delicious meal prepared by the chef.

For those who have had too much excitement for one day, kick back, relax and do absolutely nothing.  Just soak up the sun on deck, or curl up with your favorite book.

Remember to check what amenities are available on the yacht that you are planning to charter.  And while you’re at it, search for any destinations that you can visit on your trip.   You'll come back telling everyone about the fantastic things you did on vacation.

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