Seal your business deal with more than just a handshake.
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Seal your business deal with more than just a handshake.

Seal your business deal with more than just a handshake.

No, this is not a scene from the movies.  It’s real life.  Nowadays, businessmen prefer to conduct meetings on board a yacht.  Who said you can’t mix business with pleasure!

So, what’s the deal? 

Corporate events on a yacht charter are definitely not the typical way to do business.  Far removed from any signs of an office but still highly connected, meetings at this venue are great for business.

The Atmosphere 

Get your audience persuaded that you think out of the box.  In fact, it’s one of the best ways to let the creativity overflow in that serene ambiance.  By using a yacht to conduct your business meetings, you can make it more exciting, engaging and memorable.  You have the chance to travel the waves, with all the luxury amenities at your disposal.  It's a perfect setting to impress potential clients with beautiful sights, sounds, and briny sea air.  The environment encourages everyone involved to be more relaxed, open-minded, and more productive concerning the issues at hand.

Multiple Settings to Match Your Needs

Immaculate facilities provide alternate settings depending upon your requirements.  A dining room is the perfect space for a formal conference.  But a saloon offers a more relaxed space for casual gatherings.  Then there's the outdoor deck area and the upper flybridge. 

Corporate Environment on Water

Not only does the environment and amenities on a yacht facilitate closing your business deal, but also the availability of the latest technology.  Most yachts are equipped to receive high-end corporate clientele.  ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and AV (audiovisual) systems are taken more seriously here than it is ashore. Videoconferencing, high-speed internet, and wireless internet make yachts a great place to work away from the usual distractions.  Everything you need for your meeting can be provided by the friendly and professional staff, from whiteboards to stationery, for you and your guests.


You get a very private location precisely according to your requirements to ensure that everything is delivered with the minimum of fuss.  Rest assured, hosting your business deal on board a luxury yacht makes an excellent return on investment.

5 Star Service

A highly experienced team will deliver gourmet food service meaning the most important corporate event will be catered for with ease.  You get a chance to impress with the picturesque surroundings as you travel in style.  Set a menu depending upon the preferences of the clients, and have food and drinks served when you wish.  Yachts feature a fully equipped deck for a more laid-back dining.  But whatever you decide, the well-trained crew will take care of everything to ensure that the event is a success. 

Future Possibilities

Whether you’re rewarding your team, hosting potential clients, celebrating a milestone, or hosting quarterly reviews, a yacht charter can be the perfect place. You can create an environment where colleagues are more motivated to think of everyone as a  family.  By forming a closer bond, they will work together with greater consideration for the future of your business. 

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