BBQ Guidelines on a Yacht

BBQ Guidelines on a Yacht

BBQ Guidelines on a Yacht

There is nothing better than sailing on water and enjoying BBQ. On trips, food always tastes delicious. The BBQ stick coming off the grill while you are roaming on the beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea is a delight. However, if you are careless, you could burn yourself or damage the boat while grilling on a yacht. Here are a few things you should know about doing BBQ while sailing.

The boat grills are available in different varieties with distinct features. Electric, charcoals, and gas. The grill you choose for your sailing trip depends on your budget and the requirements for BBQ.

You may also need to consider the size of the boat before purchasing the grill. Larger grills are useless if there isn't enough free space on your vessel.


The traditional method of grilling includes charcoal, but it comes with various issues. You have to carry a huge sack of charcoal, which must stay dry while you are on the boat. It is also necessary to light charcoal and let it burn before starting cooking. However, charcoal is easily available and it does not require additional fluid to light it up, which reduces the risks of accidents and spills. You can buy round shaped small stainless-steel grills that can easily be clamped with handrail or rod holder. This type of grill is a perfect option for the yacht as it can be attached to the rail and the ashes will fall into the water instead of the boat deck.


These grills are now widely available to do BBQ on a yacht. There are several sizes available that can easily feed a crew of around 20 people. The propane is cheap and it is also easy to store which is why it is proffered choice for many people going on a sail.


If you have any electric source or a generator then having an electric grill is a perfect choice. It's costly as compared to other grills and the amount of electricity is around 10 amps.

Safety Tips to Do BBQ on a Yacht

  • Don't grill on the lower deck or underway.
  • Don't use non-approved accelerant such as gasoline to make fire and light a charcoal grill on a yacht.
  • Always make sure to read all the instruction understand and follow them before lighting up the grill.
  • You should make sure that the embers remain on the grill and don't fall on the boat.
  • For safety reasons, many marinas don't let people do BBQ, grill. Or open frames. Always check the rules or ask them about before starting grilling.
  • Make sure that the connections of propane are tight, leak free, and correctly attached. If there is any leak, use a soapy water to check connections. If there are bubbles onto a joint, there must be a leak somewhere.
  • As soon as you are done with cooking, turn off the grill, and let it cool before placing it anywhere else.
  • Store all the portable grills and detach every connection securely before going away from the grill.
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