Essential tips on yacht anchoring

Essential tips on yacht anchoring

Essential tips on yacht anchoring

It is necessary to anchor the yacht properly if you want it to remain in a certain position. An anchor is a metal device which connects the vessel to a body of water to prevent it from drifting due to wind or current. The practice of anchoring a yacht is an elusive art which requires science, common sense, and a bit of luck. Many captains dread the process of anchoring because it is complicated. When you visit new places, you need to be able to leave the yacht and explore, and anchoring helps you do that. It requires a lot of experience and sound judgment to be able to anchor any vessel properly. Below are some of the tips which will help you anchor your yacht:

Make sure the anchor is well attached to the chain

Even in the calmest sea, it is possible to lose an anchor if it is not attached correctly due to ocean currents. If you up the anchor and find it missing, you need to dive and figure out if the anchor is anywhere near the yacht. It is always preferred to check your shackles and seize them with stainless wire to prevent the anchor from coming undone.

Weight of the chain is important

Because there is a possibility that you might lose your anchor due to a weak shackle, it is essential to have a chain of the right weight. The anchor digs in, but the weight of the chain and how it works with the anchor is fundamentally crucial to successful anchoring. As the yacht moves about the chain, it should pull the anchor along the seabed and not up and out of the seafloor. For this to happen, you need a sufficient amount of chain (scope) which is governed by many things including your anchor type, maximum depth of water you will be anchoring in, and roughness and wind condition of the ocean.

Choose the right anchorage

Before choosing the anchorage, think about the wind and swell direction. The bay you have chosen to anchor at should also offer the protection that you need. If there is some swell or wave action, it is ideal to have the bow of the yacht facing into the waves.

Do not anchor on a lee shore

It is an obvious rule that everyone knows but sometimes it can be hard to stick to this one. The best option is to make sure that the yacht is well dug in and that you have plenty of scope out. If you do decide to anchor on a lee shore, then set up an anchor watch to be on the safer side.

Judge how close you are to other anchored yachts

One of the most challenging things to do is judge how close you are to another yacht in a busy anchorage. It is not easy to find a spot with good depth which isn't too close to other yachts. You must keep in mind that lighter yachts react quicker than heavier ones to wind shifts.

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