Cruise in the lap of luxury

Cruise in the lap of luxury

Cruise in the lap of luxury

Dubai, one of the trendiest holiday destinations offers a fantasy vacation to its tourists. It’s a blend of modernism and heritage, culture and class, scenic beauty and skyscrapers, shopping malls and secluded beaches. You name it, Dubai has it.

A spectacular way of exploring Dubai is from the privacy and freedom of your luxury yacht. You will be surrounded by water from all sides, soaking in the sunset, admiring the lit-up architectural marvels, and enjoying exotic cuisines at bayside restaurants. One can relish all this and much more on a luxury yacht.

A luxury yacht charter offers the intimacy of a home and the luxury of a seven-star hotel. It allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views, offering the ultimate escape without the fuss of moving from one place to another.

The 4 reasons one must charter a luxury yacht when in Dubai are:

1. One shoe does not fit all

To charter a luxury yacht is an experience unmatched, granting you the freedom to explore the most striking locations in absolute ease and grandeur. Now you can drift along Dubai Creek and cherish Dubai’s skyline while enjoying a drink and indulge in a sumptuous meal according to your taste buds, prepared by your designated chef and crew. All you need to do is lay back and relax and have the crew of the luxury yacht cater to your every whim and fancy and give you the attention and pampering you deserve.

2. Be your own boss

Charter your own course with the freedom of your luxury yacht. You may want to have breakfast seeing the Burj Al Arab, eat lunch at the Palm and dine at the Dubai Creek. The dedicated crew and captain in your luxury yacht cater to all your personal needs be it the food you want to eat or the places you want got to. A luxury yacht doesn’t confine you to a fixed itinerary and helps you explore many locations at your convenience.

3. Privacy

On a vacation, one dreads the idea of sharing cabs, standing in queues, waiting for your turn at the pool, or making reservations to eat. When you charter a luxury yacht; you can explore Dubai from the privacy of your yacht. Dubai has many breathtaking and unfrequented places which are otherwise inaccessible and can be reached only through a yacht. You can visit your own private beach paradise, indulge in savories that suit your taste buds and can enjoy time away from the crowd, in the privacy and luxury of your own yacht.     

4. A complete vacation

A luxury yacht has everything you can imagine. While vacationing in Dubai, there’s no better way than to charter a luxury yacht. It takes you from the Dubai Canals to the crescent shaped private paradise of the Moon Island, from the beach party club Blue Marlin to the picturesque islands of Oman. A luxury yacht not only satisfies the traveler in you but also the foodie in you by indulging you in mouth-watering delicacies made to suit your palate. Dubai has something for its daredevil travelers too who can strive to attempt adventure sports both on water and underwater like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing etc.

To charter in a luxury yacht in Dubai not only gives you the opportunity to revel in its opulent architecture and scenic beauty from the shoreline of Dubai but also gives a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends in the luxury and lavishness of the yacht with having every need catered to, by a devoted captain and crew. So, on this trip to Dubai, make sure you charter a yacht.

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