Best places in the world for yachting

Best places in the world for yachting

Best places in the world for yachting

Picture this. Floating clouds, never-ending sky, surrounded by water, swaying to the rhythmic motion of the waves. Too good to be true? Not really. Anyone who has chartered a yacht has experienced many such surreal moments.

While there are many yachting destinations around the world, not all can offer such a magical experience.

On the top of our list we have,

1. Greece

Without a doubt, the best yachting destination in the world. A perfect combination of rich cultural heritage and cosmopolitan islands, Greece has 6000 islands, giving you no dearth of options to choose from, each close by yet different. The coast is adorned with pines and ports, clear waters, coves and caves, villages and volcanoes.

 The Greek islands offer a variety of experiences. You can enjoy Greece not just on the yacht but has its fair share of water sports such as scuba diving, fishing, sailing competitions and much more.

The Greek Islands with their sandy beaches, conventional white houses with blue-painted window shutters make a memorable yachting destination.

2. Dubai

Dubai is not only known worldwide for its lofty and impressive planning and architecture but also for its mesmerizing yacht experiences. To discover Dubai on water is spellbinding. You can rent a luxurious yacht and explore the city at your convenience, without being rushed. The Palm, the Moon Beach, the Burj Al Arab are some of the jewels of Dubai that can be admired from the deck.

3. Norway

Norway is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the land of tranquil beauty, picturesque landscapes, uninhibited nature and rare wildlife. You can cruise your way through the magnificent mountains and the majestic waterfalls. Norway's fjords are its highlight and, provide countless leisure and sports activities include fishing, cycling, horse-riding, canoeing and kayaking, hunting and wildlife safari tours. Don’t forget to witness the spectacular scenery of the Northern Lights from the deck of your yacht.

 An important consideration before you travel is the weather. Norway being a northern country is unsuitable to visit in the winters.

4. Corsica

Violent volcanic eruptions led to the creation of this French island. Corsica has some of the best beaches in the world. Surrounded by lofty cliffs, well-preserved parks, forests, rivers and waterfalls, Yachting in Corsica provides stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, so you can spend the morning sailing and the afternoon sunbathing.

A Mediterranean treasure, Corsica offer exquisite coastlines, romantic ambiance and the purest waters you can wish for. You could also explore some of the old villages with narrow streets and old houses.

5. French Riviera

Stretching from the Cassis to the Italian Border, the French Riviera offers spectacular scenic beauty. From majestic mountains to beautiful beaches, from clear waters to coastlines, from sands to skylines, there’s nothing this destination doesn’t offer. The French Riviera also has its share of style and sophistication. With chic bars and glamorous restaurants, yachting in the Riviera is nothing less than a luxurious affair.

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