A Beginner’s Guide on a Yacht Charter

A Beginner’s Guide on a Yacht Charter

A Beginner’s Guide on a Yacht Charter

Yacht charters are beginning to become more popular than a traditional vacation. Instead of staying out at a resort, you can spend each night in a different place without the need to pack your bags and relocate. Charters allow guests to get a glimpse of many different regions or islands within a short timeframe.

Seven Yacht charters mimic the perks of a cruise ship and the luxury of a resort, sailing through the Dubai Coast and islands. Here are few factors to consider when it comes to booking your first yacht charter:

Size Matters

The size of a yacht is one of the most important factors to consider for reservation. Huge luxury yachts can feel overwhelming for the first timers. All of this depends on the occasion and the number of people onboard. For example, a luxurious yacht around 100-120 ft. with four staterooms feels spacious without being unreasonable.

Get the Right Crew Onboard

It is vital to have a positive atmosphere on the yacht. The crew is what makes the yacht experience enjoyable and comforting through the entire voyage. You should ensure that the crew gives you the right information on the services onboard along with the emergency guidelines. They should be qualified and support you with all the facilities on the yacht throughout the expedition.

Manage Your Budget

The upfront cost of a yacht charter vacation might be a bit high, but ultimately, it includes all the costs from food to activities under one umbrella. You should ensure the required budget is well saved up and ready to spend on the yacht trip beforehand. Accordingly, you ought to choose the right luxury yacht that is under the desired budget.

Highly Customized and Flexible

The endless possibilities available during your yacht charter are only limited by your imagination. Seven Yachts ensure your preferred food and drink is on board. We offer your desired drinks from champagne on ice, or milkshake for your children. The renowned chefs and yacht team will undertake the responsibility of providing you the best luxurious experience of gourmet and entertainment. We work with the Captain and their crew to ensure an itinerary that promises to impress and is flexible for any changes.

Exhilarating Watersports

Watersports and yacht trips always tend to coexist. Seven Yachts have watersports facilities, ranging from wakeboarding to jet ski and fishing similar to those found on cruise ships. The most common watersports equipment found on board yachts includes diving equipment, paddleboard and inflatable slides.

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