6 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Yacht
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6 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Yacht

6 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Yacht

Birthdays are the most important date on any person's calendar year. There are milestones in your life which you need to celebrate in a classy style that will make you look forward to the future. Most of us are tired of regular birthday routines with a hundred people wishing us on Facebook (only because of notifications), and close family and friends gathering around a boring birthday cake that has no zing to it. Work colleagues and your boss email to say happy birthday and this is as mundane as it gets. If you are tired of the above, then we have just the remedy for you. Charter a yacht and head out to the ocean with 60 of your best friends to have a party that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Escape the concrete jungle

Sprinkled with high-rises, the city of Dubai has tall buildings everywhere. After a while, this starts to feel constricting, and our soul yearns to be free. Head out to the open seas and leave the bustle of the city behind you. Get your swimsuit on, apply some sunscreen and enjoy your micro-vacation on your special day.

Witness a glorious sunset

Sunsets have inspired poets and artists for centuries and basking yourself on a superyacht looking at the final rays of the sun extinguished by the sea is indeed a remarkable sight. Your birthday will be talked about by your family for decades and you can definitely wow your friends.

Customize your very own party

You get to make the voyage genuinely memorable as you can hand-pick what you want on your yacht. You can make it tailor-made to your special occasion and forget about anyone telling you that something is off limits. Make it a barbecue birthday and let all your friends enjoy a truly happy evening on the waves.

Visit the beautiful landmarks

When you charter a yacht, you get to visit and experience major landmarks in a whole new light. You can pass by the Burj Al Arab or the World Islands and even stop by on beaches along the way. The pictures you click here can help you earn brownie points with your Instagram followers.

Cake cutting like never before

The most important thing that you need to focus on is that it is your birthday. So, order the most fantastic cake for yourself and leave your friends in awe. If you think that chartering a yacht is too expensive, then you could not be more wrong.

Take all your best friends along

The best part of renting a yacht is that it usually fits a lot of people which means that you don't have to leave anyone out while planning a party on the high sea. Get all your friends and family together for your birthday and have a gala time.

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