5 Things to Do at a Yacht Party

5 Things to Do at a Yacht Party

5 Things to Do at a Yacht Party

The ocean has been beckoning to humankind ever since the beginning of civilization, and we have always answered its call. One of the regal ways to cruise the high seas is on a yacht, but not everyone wants to own one. There are many yacht charters in the country which cater to such people. Once you rent a yacht and get ready to explore the seas, the best way to spend the time is by having a yacht party. It can be quite a daunting task to organize a successful party on the ocean. So, here are some tips on how to make your party grand and spectacular.

Have a party theme

Mobile applications have taken over our lives, and your Instagram feed will be grateful if you have a party theme. You and your friends or family can decide to go for a Halloween, Sports, Hollywood, or 1920's theme. One great idea for any yacht party is a pirate theme, and you can also plan out games and activities surrounding the topic. Be sure to have a red carpet for guests as they arrive, play the right music, and don't forget to hire a professional photographer who will take classy photos and videos of the entire event. Make sure the theme is something everyone will remember for a long time.

Get dressed for the event

Both the men and women on board a Yacht party should be dressed to look dapper. Bring out your best clothes and let the camera shutter be in awe of your appearance. You can also suggest a color code for everyone and extravagantly accessorize yourself.

A sumptuous meal

No matter how health conscious, we are all foodies at heart. So, when you plan your party, make sure to hire the best food catering in Abu Dhabi and have the perfect spread for your guests. You can have a modest meal if that is what you like or even go over the top with seafood cuisine that will surely impress.

Entertain your guests

When you have inquisitive kids or bored adults on a yacht, some entertainment is the best option to liven the mood. You can invite over a stand-up comedian to get everyone rolling on the floor laughing or even hire a magician to wow the audience with close-up sorcery. The one way to pep up everyone on the yacht is by getting a musician to play some excellent scores.

Give back

After all the fun and games, your yacht party can also have a charitable side to it. You can use your party as an event to create awareness or raise funds for disaster-struck areas, to protect wildlife, or pay tuition for underprivileged children. You can always get in touch with a registered charity in the UAE and plan to make sure that along with having a good time on the yacht, you also contribute something to the community.

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