4 Hidden Beaches in the UAE

4 Hidden Beaches in the UAE

4 Hidden Beaches in the UAE

People have always been fascinated by the open ocean, and I feel that this innate quality is what drives us to build boats, ships, and yachts. All over the world, there are beaches with white sands and blue waters, but most of them are overcrowded and not a pleasant place to let your soul wander. The United Arab Emirates has a bundle of beaches scattered across its region, but if you want to have an exceptional time, then there is nothing like a hidden beach. You can leave all your worries behind and charter a yacht to these beaches, and we guarantee you that you will not regret it.

Beaches around Abu Dhabi

Lulu is the most accessible man-made island in Abu Dhabi which stretches as far as the Emirate's corniche. Earlier, it was common for people to get on a boat as there were regular trips from the mainland to this island. Ever since the announcement of redevelopment plans of the island last year, these trips have come to an end which means that the beaches of this Island are spots to mark for your next voyage. It is possible to charter a yacht to the island, but the only minus point is that you cannot camp there overnight as you have to return by 8 pm.

Bahraini Island also known as the Maya Island is one of Abu Dhabi's larger islands, and it is not off-limits to the public. The coastline of this island spans 7 km, and you can find several cozy spots where you can have a private beach party. Island dance events are becoming common on this spot so be wary as a crowd of dancers could crash your private party.

Beach near Ajman

Ajman is known for several kilometers of public beaches, but for a lesser-known treat, get away from the central area and head 15 minutes further up the coast to the Hamriyah free zone. It might look like an industrial wasteland on the way there but trust us when we say that you are in for something special. When you reach the beach, you will mostly be the only person for miles in either direction. The water is pristine, and the sand is like white pearls, and you will love this piece of private heaven. You will be pleasantly surprised by the bizarre sight of a massive Panama cargo ship which ran aground on the beach in February while trying to berth at Sharjah. Photos of this ship will be an excellent addition to your Instagram feed.

Khor Kalba

This magnificent beach is incredibly tucked away and does not have much in the name of amenities, but who needs that when you can have absolute privacy and revel in natural splendor. Once you are in Khor Kalba, you can ask any of the locals for the location of the beach, and they will guide you towards the nearby strip of heaven on earth. Turtles and mangroves are what make this beach nestled at the foot of the Hajar mountains so unique.

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