Vadim Yudin

You gave us an unforgettable journey. Notorious is a stunning boat. 15 people are absolutely enough to find something to do. Your crew is very professional and catering was very tasty!

Fiona Jameson

Set sail with some friends over the weekend and I couldn’t have imagined a better birthday! Danced the whole weekend away and felt like a king thanks to the awesome service from the crew. They were there for everything we needed the whole time. My friends and I all agree that the cocktails were the best we’ve ever tasted and that the food made the whole trip even better. Organising through Seven Yachts again next year to have a party that’s even bigger and better!

Tom Kirsch

Thought that the perfect way to propose to my girlfriend would be on board a yacht and boy was I right! Such a memorable night that neither of us will ever forget. We were greeted with a red carpet welcome as we got on board, we felt like stars. And once we on aboard, we had an excellent time thanks to the crew who were unbelievably kind. They helped bring the whole night together! Proposed just before dessert and I’ll never forget how special that felt. It was made even better by all of the hard work and luxury that the Seven Yachts team put together! And the food…yum!

Robert Smithers

I’ve never been on a yacht before, but my family decided that it would be a special way for us to go on our yearly holiday. I loved every minute of it! The crew treated us all so well and it was so relaxing being able to forget about all of my troubles and lay on the sundeck. The kids love it too! They got taught how to jet-ski with their dad and I’ve never seen them so excited! Now we have to deal with them wanting one for Christmas. The food was great too. Would love to do it again!

Lucy Jameson

Heard so many things about the Seven Yachts team that we had to see what they had to offer. Holy cow were we impressed. The crew were so accommodating to my husband and I.  I loved the food, drinks and memories made!

Amy Santiago

The Three-Day Cruise to Oman was Fantastic. Rodriguez was an absolutely mammoth yacht and perfect for our 3-day cruise. The crew were so attentive and caring to our every need. Finally, the food served on the yacht was amongst the best we’ve had to date.

Ron Swanson

In a nutshell, our time with Seven Yachts surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds. The tour itinerary was well-thought-out, food was simply delicious, and the crew was fantastic, to say the least. Highly recommend Seven Yachts and their Discover Dubai Package.

Ben Wyatt

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on Friday cruising around the Dubai Coastline. The people at Seven Yachts were extremely courteous and friendly and made us feel at home. The view of the Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis from the sea was mesmerizing. On-board catering was so delicious. Thank you again!

Brian Chang

To the entire team at Seven Yachts – Thank You! It was a truly amazing voyage and one in which we wouldn’t change a single thing. In fact, if we had the opportunity, most of us would’ve stayed on in the yacht itself. Once again, thank you, and let us - we truly appreciate the enthusiasm of your crew.

Jeannie Helmsley

It was an 11/10 experience. Each member of the Seven Yachts team went out of their way to make sure that our trip was outstanding. The highlights of our trip were the superb onboard food and the lengthy water sports session. The Notorious is a truly gorgeous and perfect for that one-day cruise within Dubai. Thank you, and we’ll return for sure!



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