Rent These Amazing Luxury Yachts In Dubai

Rent These Amazing Luxury Yachts In Dubai

Rent These Amazing Luxury Yachts In Dubai

If you desire to freely explore the entire Arabian coastline yourself or with your guests and at your desired speed, rent a luxury yacht in Dubai. We are here to provide the most complete assortment for all your travel necessities and price points.

Dolce Vita

With a design that is appealing and funky and delivers a great level of utility and performance, Dolce Vita sets itself apart from other party yacht rental businesses. Renting this luxury yacht is the most appropriate choice for social gatherings and professional occasions requiring housing for as many as 25 guests.

Lucky Me

Lucky Me has five suites, including two VIP cabins, and can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers. It can hold 9 crew members for a pleasant and memorable experience on your luxury yacht. It moves at incredible speeds and has gorgeous teak decks for breathtaking Instagram shots.

My Serenity

Because of its magnificently sketched-out interiors, which include four large cabins providing lots of space, this yacht offers itself the finest option if you're looking to charter a luxury yacht for hosting a party in Dubai at a fair cost. It can accommodate 12 people, with 8 staying over. Additionally, you are given access to clean, hygienic lavatory facilities, drinks, coffee, and fresh fruits.


With Medusa, you can be sure you will get a special luxury yacht experience. It is undoubtedly the most amazing choice because it is well-equipped with contemporary facilities like roomy master and VIP rooms, a large deck pool, a chic lounge space, and best-in-the-market Televisions and sound systems. There is enough for 25 visitors, including 8 who can stay over.


Whether you want a few hours of rowdy nostalgia with your old friends or a few days of serenity in the middle of the ocean, this yacht can fulfill your desires. You will undoubtedly have a magical experience sitting on the deck and observing the ocean waves.


For those looking for a yacht that can accommodate 20 people, this one features a bold design, performance, and maximum style. The deck is ideal for gatherings because it contains a jacuzzi, various sun loungers, a grill area, and social bars.


Our reputation has been established over time by consistently providing our clients with great professionalism, dependability, and service quality. Our luxury boats are fully manned and have been made to provide their guests with lifetime experiences. So, assemble your group, choose any yacht from our collection, set sail into the vast ocean carefree, and enjoy your trip.


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