Yacht Fishing in Dubai

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Coasting across the ocean is an experience that can be well complimented with the most popular water sport found across the world, fishing. The ocean is an untouched pathway for adventure, which you’ll get to travel across as you enjoy a life of luxury. Take it to the next level and venture beneath the ocean and reap the rewards that it offers, by taking part in fishing.

Fishing allows you to experience the best of both worlds. Relax, as you cast your line from your sun deck and sit back as you watch for your line to be tugged while you sip on a cocktail. Then, prepare for an exciting game of cat and mouse, as you are challenged with reeling in what’s on the other end of your line before you celebrate your catch.

The Mediterranean offers such an intense variety of marine life for you to experience. From the beautiful colours of a parrot fish, to the unbelievable size of a tuna fish, no catch you make will ever be the same. Give your family the opportunity to bond with you, as you teach them how to bait and cast a line, so they can also enjoy the wonders of choosing to fish aboard one of Seven Yachts luxurious vessels. Spend quality time with your friends as you socialise over a few drinks while waiting for a fish to catch your line.

Regardless of whether or not you’re new to the sport, or a veteran at the sport, fishing offers an enjoyable experience for everyone. If only now do you want to give it your first attempt, don’t fret, Seven Yacht’s state of the art water sport experts will be on deck, ready to offer you all the training and tips you’ll need to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Each fishing experience will give you a new opportunity to catch something different from the great blue ocean below you. Choose to cast your line by the shallows of the beach and tackle marine life such as the flathead or flounder. Or, pursue the wonders of the deep and fish out in the ocean where you can’t even see the bottom of the ocean floor.

Be the envy of your friends and family, as the world class chefs serve your catch of the day for dinner. Preparing what you’ve caught to the delight of all of those around you.

Fishing is perfect for when you’re after an exciting experience that’ll get your adrenaline flowing, all while never having to leave the comfort of your chair. Once you’re done paddle-boarding across the ocean to see what it has to offer, cast a line to capture it for yourself. Get ready to make your adventure even better, as you throw your fishing line over the edge of your very own super yacht. Don’t just travel the sea, but own it, as you challenge the marine below for an experience that’ll have you feeling both relaxed and satisfied. Book now.

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