Palm & Burj Al Arab

My Serenity (Zaya Nurai)
Notorious (Palm & Burj Al Arab)
My Serenity (Zaya Nurai)
Benetti B (Palm & Burj Al Arab)

Not only does Seven Yachts offer pristine yacht charters that will finally let you live in luxury, they also deal in destination packages that make your on board experience truly magical. One of the most popular destinations Seven Yachts offer is none other than Palm & Burj Al Arab. These destinations simply aren’t something to be taken lightly, so Seven Yachts offers not only a half day trip, but an unbelievable full day to completely engulf you in this satisfying experience.

A Brief Look at Our Tour Itinerary

Dubai is home to some of the most magnificent places in not only the United Amirate Emirates, but the entire world. It offers some of the most deluxe locations to visit, explore and stay. Dubai’s hotels are that of the highest calibre and are renowned for the beauty. So set sail from what is the most exclusive marina in Dubai, the Bvlgari Hotel and Residences. The marina is a perfect reflection of a traditional, upper class Mediterranean village in its design and is a spectacle that must be seen, to be believed. With a 5 star rating and a unparalleled quality of service, you’ll feel as top-tier as those who reside there.

Once you’ve left the Bvlgari Hotel marina, you’ll be cruising by the iconic, Burj Al Arab. Often regarded as the world’s only, ‘7 Star’ hotel, the Burj Al Arab is an engineering and architectural phenomenon. It’s beautiful shape and structure was intentionally designed to resemble a J Class Yacht and there’s no other way to marvel at its glory than to be aboard one of Seven Yachts impeccable ships. But don’t just remember the moment, capture it. The yacht’s course allows you to photograph yourself in front of the Burj Al Arab which your friends will look at in awe.

Once you’ve passed the Burj Al Arab you’ll coast past the breathtaking Al Sufouh Beach, one of the most deluxe beaches within the UAE. While you’re there you’ll be able to witness the royal family’s beach front compounds and experience how the country’s wealthiest like to spend their time by the sea.

That’s not the only royalty you get to witness as you pass by the luxurious private island that sits at the base of the Palm, owned by none other than Sheikh Mohammed. Be in awe of the sheer magnitude and scope of what stands before you and truly understand what it is to be royalty. Seeing is not all you’ll be doing while at the Palm, however. Ask your crew to stop so you can swim by One&Only on the Palm. One of the most luxurious resorts you’ll ever witness.

As your day finally comes to a close, sit down and open a bottle of champagne and watch the light orange rays of the sun, calmly set over the prestigious, Atlantis Hotel. One of Dubai’s most prized locations and hotels; it’s the perfect way to finish what will be the best day of your life. Don’t take Dubai for granted.

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