It’s time to celebrate your happiest moments on a cruise in Dubai!
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It’s time to celebrate your happiest moments on a cruise in Dubai!

It’s time to celebrate your happiest moments on a cruise in Dubai!

If you’re planning an event and are aiming at making it memorable, Dubai is the place. This city has transformed into a hub of style and fashion. So, if you’re looking for something unique and want to make your occasion more special, then an event planned in a yacht will undeniably be perfect.

Why are so many people celebrating events on a yacht in Dubai?

There’s a whole list of answers to that question. But here are some reasons why people are heading towards the marina.

  • Your event instantly goes from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ve hit the jackpot with the wow-factor.
  • At this venue, the superb staff is trained to pamper you and your guests. Every last detail of your event will be managed to perfection.
  • What can be better than the scenic backdrop in the midst of the beautiful blue sea?
  • And the awesome location will provide exceptional photography.
  • There is luxurious accommodation on site.
  • The yacht provides you with indoor and outdoor space to cater to your needs.
  • And don’t forget- exclusivity. Privacy is vital, especially if you want to get away from the crowd.

Dubai has long since become a trendsetter. And now it’s setting the standard high for others. Yachts have become the ultimate event venue for many occasions.

1. Weddings

The image of a white wedding against the blue sea has a nice fairy tale sound to it. More couples are planning this spectacular lifetime event on yachts. The glamorous location is ideal in that it provides ample space for the ceremony on deck, which transforms into a dance floor as soon as the “I dos” are over. Surrounded by a stunning backdrop, the party - and photos- can go on indefinitely.

2. Honeymoon

Having a ceremony on board was not in the deck of cards, but now you and your life partner can drift off into paradise. The luxurious accommodations will make your stay unforgettable. Wake up each morning to a breathtaking view. Spend each day swimming blissfully or strolling exotic beaches. Have romantic candlelight dinners with a glass of champagne under the stars.

While the crew will always be at hand to assist you, they will give you all the privacy you need.

3. Anniversaries and parties

A yacht provides an idyllic setting so that you can create new memories. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, or anniversary, the crew onboard will handle your special occasion with flair and professionalism. They are experienced to liaise with the event planner, florists, and caterers. So, if you want roses spread out in one of the cabins or need help decorating the deck for a birthday party, the staff will assist in setup, service, and clean up so that you can be completely carefree and enjoy yourself.

4. Corporate functions

Away from the usual monotony of the office, meetings on yachts provide incentives for staff members to build team spirit. These executive retreats are ideal for rewarding employees for a successful year, a high-end private conference, or a product launch.

Whatever the reason, the undeniable fact is that a yacht is a great place to celebrate any happiness.

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