Innovative Team-Building Activities for a Corporate Yacht Trip
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Innovative Team-Building Activities for a Corporate Yacht Trip

Innovative Team-Building Activities for a Corporate Yacht Trip

Many companies are breaking away from their typical office routines by integrating fun team-building activities into their corporate events. These activities have been proven to be highly effective in uniting staff, strengthening existing and new networks, and addressing potential gaps in the industry.

Instead of sitting through boring ice-breaker activities in a meeting room, Seven Yachts offers a range of yachts and activities that are refreshing and rewarding for staff. These corporate events provide an invaluable experience for your company, tailored to suit the needs of your team members. This guarantees the innovation of new ideas, increased productivity, and stronger industry connections.

Take your business event on a yacht to the next level with these team-building activities:

Water-Based Events

Seven Yachts offer a variety of water-based events, such as sailing workshops and sailing regattas, with catering options to maximize your day. Their vessels feature canoes, water skis, and wakeboards for more casual options, creating long-lasting buzz and memories across your staff.

Motivational Guest Speakers

Invite inspirational speakers as guests to help make the process of getting guidance from relevant industries easier. Renting a yacht can help your business create these networks so that team members can connect over knowledge and experience about the sector.

Karaoke Night

Spend the evening singing and dancing with Seven Yachts! The best way to unite and blow off some steam is through karaoke. The high-end audio equipment on Seven Yachts makes it a classy experience.


Food and cruising go together perfectly on or off shore! Any corporate event, no matter how big or small can be catered by Seven Yachts. Their ultimate dining experience draws people together, whether it be through banquet dinners or informal canapes and beverages.

Beach Visits

Spend the day with your team enjoying Dubai's beautiful beaches! A beach visit is a must for swimming, soaking in the sun rays, or delving into a relaxing catered lunch. There are plenty of popular and hidden beaches to discover - explore the coast in luxury with your team and a great yacht rental in Dubai.

Trivia Night

The perfect way to have a laugh and get to know your colleagues better. Trivia questions are fully customizable, making it the ultimate game for team-building. Include incentives or prizes to bring in some competition! Pair the night with the Seven Yachts dining experience to make any team-bonding activity a little bit more special for your company.

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