For those who deserve only the best, let’s have a party on a luxury yacht.
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For those who deserve only the best, let’s have a party on a luxury yacht.

For those who deserve only the best, let’s have a party on a luxury yacht.

We’ve all heard of ladies’ night at the bar.  But things are heating up elsewhere.  Here’s a shout out to all those women who have been waiting for the perfect chance to unwind out at sea.  There's nothing like a party on a boat.  It’s time to have a ladies’ day (or night) on a luxury yacht with the unobstructed view of the sunset and the warm, salty breeze in your hair.  Let the celebrations begin!

You need the right organizational skills to pull off a memorable party on a yacht.   To create the best event, you need to choose the right yacht, plan an itinerary, select the most scenic route, invite and interact with guests.  And don’t forget, it has to be within budget as well.  Celebrate anything from birthday parties to a bachelorette party with style and finesse.  Everyone will be talking about your exciting party for years to come - in a good way, that is!

As a host, you are responsible for supervising everything.  It’s all about planning before pushing off from shore.  You’ll have the unique experience of pleasure in a compact place, yet with unlimited fun.  Just imagine you and your girls in the middle of the sea on a yacht filled with amenities!

You can organize the event and deliver an exceptional escapade. Here’s how you can do it perfectly.

1. Select the right one

A number of yachts are available for charter.  Make sure to search the specifications and price of each vessel.  Find the right one that matches your requirements.  Before choosing the yacht, gather all the information about amenities, the number of crew members available, and any free services included in the cost.  Nothing can be more thrilling than an event on a luxury yacht.  But even with a limited number of your closest friends, you need to have enough space to move around without bumping into everything.  Even better, visit the yacht before booking.

2. Get all your stuff

Make a list of all the things you plan to do.  Before setting sail, ensure that you have:

  • Adequate arrangement of food, snacks, and drinks.  The last thing you want is to be left stranded at sea with nothing to eat.  On the flip side, if that does happen, you could opt for fresh fish from the sea!
  • The decorations, whether it is a theme based or any event specific.

The staff on board will pamper your guests.  And you won’t have to worry about serving them either.  Just have fun and enjoy the view.

3. Know what your guests prefer

What’s a party without food?  The way to organize any event successfully is to think of everything in advance.  Gauge the needs of your guests.  The qualified onboard chef is guaranteed to cook only the best.  Menus can be customized to meet all diets: kosher, halal, or allergies.

4. Entertain

There are several water activities available on the yacht.  But you can dance on deck till you’re dizzy.  All you need to do is have your playlist ready.  Bring along your favorite music and listen to it as loud as you want.  No one’s going to complain. 

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