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Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Guidelines for a BBQ on a Yacht

Many individuals, who book for a yacht, seek for a different approach onboard. One of the popular activities is a Barbeque (BBQ) Plan while sailing on a luxury yacht. We offer specialist advice on the main components for a BBQ on the yacht such as charcoal grill, propane, and various safety tips.

Top 9 Tips to Prevent Sea Sickness in Yacht

Top 9 Tips for Preventing Sea Sickness in Yacht

Many individuals end up backing out due to severe sea sickness when they booked for a yacht trip. Seven Yachts gives you an insight on the Do’s and Don’ts when travelling on yacht to prevent any sea illness. This consists of avoiding caffeine, oily food, alcohol and much more.

The Leading 10 Luxury Yachts Worldwide

The Leading 10 Luxury Yachts Worldwide

Yachts have become an ideal luxurious mode of transport worldwide. Seven Yachts offers the leading yachts that have made their mark in this world from their size, comfort, luxury and much more.

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on Yacht

Fishing is a tradition and enjoyable sport until now. Dubai has abundance fishing spots where locals and tourists gather for the activity. Seven Yachts advises a set of guidelines to support the fishing bait, types of fish to catch, sea sick condition and the importance of an experienced crew.

Four Engaging Water Sport Activities to Try This Summer

4 Most Innovative Watersports for This Summer

All year around, Dubai summers are always brutal. The city has become a popular haven for new ground-breaking watersports. These are mainly accompanied when chartering a yacht.

Expectations of A Luxury Yacht Vacation

What To Expect On A Luxury Yacht Vacation

The luxury of taking a yacht vacation is an experience worth to remember. Seven Yachts gives an insight into the expectation of your lavish experience. This varies from the lush interiors and décor to the most demanded offshore watersport activities.

The Five Things You Should Consider Before Renting a Yacht in Dubai

Five Elements to Consider When Renting a Yacht in Dubai

The idea of renting a yacht should not be taken lightly. Dubai is a haven of luxurious yachts from top manufacturers, therefore selecting the perfect one becomes a daunting task. These factors guide you to choose the finest yacht of your dreams.

Five Best Yacht Destinations Based in Dubai

5 Best Yacht Destinations Based in Dubai

The Middle East harbors one the most extravagant cities in the world. Dubai has officially made its mark with its culture and top-end developments. The insight of Dubai is perfectly summed up with a yacht tour to these luxurious destinations.

Top 5 Yachts to Charter in Dubai

Top 5 Yachts to Charter in Dubai

The city of Dubai has become a hot spot for the most extravagant yachts from all over the world. Your journey of utmost luxury shall begin with these selected high-end yachts to charter.

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